Autumn And Winter Fashion Crochet Knitted Scarf With Sleeves

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We all know that a warm and stylish scarf is absolutely a practical and thoughtful gift for your lover, family or friends! If you occasionally wear our fall winter fashion crochet scarf, you will immediately grab some people's attention!

SUPER SOFT AND COMFORTABLE - Well made with excellent quality! Stretch and light, modern and comfortable fit. The fabulous, super large and cozy companion will keep you warm in cold weather all year round.
SPECIAL AND UNIQUE - Combined fashion and functionality that let you stand out from the crowd! Not just a wrap sweater, but also a scarf that can be easily adjusted like a scarf deserves some space in your wardrobe.
ELEGANT AND Flattering - Beautiful dress that can be matched in different ways, fits different occasions and is easy to combine with other clothes and accessories.
VERSATILE, FUN AND PACKABLE - Perfect for travel and vacations! BIG AND LONG enough to be used as a scarf in cold weather; Also very nice to wear as a scarf when you are warmer; It can also be simply folded and placed in a bag and pocket.

Material: 95% polyester and 5% elastane
Size: 220 * 50cm
Weight: 330 g
Color: black, red, beige, gray, black blue

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