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Take the ProCoach ™ Exercise Ring and you to the limit!

Our ProCoach ™ Exercise Ring is made of high quality multi-layer fiberglass. In this way we prevent it from deforming or breaking during an exercise. The silicone pads on both sides allow you to exert nice pressure on the ring through your thighs, arms or hands.

Super light and practical to carry!

With a diameter of 12 inches, the ProCoach ™ Exercise Ring takes up hardly any space and is therefore ideal for travel. And even if it gets a little tighter, you can easily keep our ProCoach ™ Exercise Ring compressed for a long time, as the fiberglass always returns to its original position.

Make the most of your training!

Be it thighs, buttocks, hips, arms or abdominal muscles, with ProCoach ™ Exercise Ring you can train and strengthen every part of the body intensively.


✔ Withstands extremely high loads without warping or breaking
✔ Very low weight thanks to fiberglass production
✔ It can be used individually for all possible needs.
✔ Replaces the trip to the gym and allows a relaxed workout from home
✔It allows you to choose from hundreds of different exercises for each area of ​​the body.