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    Fam™ Tree Of Life Bracelet

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    DISCOVER this Tree Of Life Bracelet!! Symbol of the roots, SOURCE OF INSPIRATION AND CARRIER OF CALM AND SERENITY.


    Wearing the Tree of Life symbol is not just a fashion trend, this millennial symbol represents different things to different people. For centuries, the Tree of Life has been a highly symbolic design for many cultures around the world. There is something about the tree of life that inspires, roots and calms.

    It is a universal symbol that transcends religions and cultures and no group can claim it for itself.

    In the Buddhist tradition, the Bodhi tree has always been revered, because it is under this tree that the Buddha reached enlightenment. The Bo tree represents the path of enlightenment and as such symbolizes life.

    In ancient Egypt, the tree of life was believed to be a symbol of death and abundance, with branches representing the sky, the tree symbolizing the center of the universe, and roots descending to the underworld.

    In Celtic culture, the tree of life is often depicted with branches that rise upward and roots that extend deep into the ground. It is a representation of the connection between earth and sky according to the Druids. The Celts believed that trees were human ancestors, even being considered as gateways to other worlds.


    The tree of life has many spiritual and religious meanings. Here are some universal representations of the tree of life:


    The tree of life represents this link, this connection that exists between us and the world around us. The circular aspect of the symbol represents the world and the tree all that it contains. It also shows a cyclical structure with everything that is related to it.


    A tree is a symbol of stability and strength. The image of the roots sinking into the earth reminds us of the strength to overcome trials and tribulations, the roots. It also symbolizes growth, because a tree is the result of so many years of slow and patient growth, the transition from a vulnerable young tree to a vigorous one.


    Each tree is unique and has its own characteristics, if you look more closely. At first the trees look alike, then over the years they grow and become unique. They gain in character and beauty, resisting all kinds of difficulties and challenges to stay strong and fun. As the tree we are different and the tree of life reminds us.


    A tree can lose its leaves and appear dead, but when conditions are favorable, the tree comes back to life and the beautiful leaves reappear. Thus, the tree of life symbolizes rebirth and the passage of difficult times. It is a new beginning, a new roadmap.


    The word tree is often used to refer to the relationship with family and ancestors. We say family tree to symbolize the many family ties with various people through the generations.
    A tree symbolizes fertility and in the sense that it finds a way to perpetuate itself, be it through seeds or young trees. It is green and lush, a sign of fertility and vitality.


    You feel a special atmosphere when you are under a big tree, a feeling of strength, peace and relaxation. It is a feeling that we rarely receive otherwise. Rarely is a tree shaken. On the contrary, it is calm and peaceful, generous and enriching in serenity.


    The Tree of Life is a universal and timeless symbol. Decide what the symbol means to you and why you would like to use it.

    This Tree Of Life Bracelet is manufactured in accordance with environmental standards, is certified antiallergic and respects the environment.


    • 🌳  Natural African Jasper Stone
    • 🌳  Manual mounting
    • 🌳  Adjustable size, fits your wrist.
    • 🌳  The women's model is slightly smaller than the men's model.
    • 🌳  Tree of life symbol

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    Fam™ Tree Of Life Bracelet
    $19.95 $39.95


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