Buddha Life™ Tibetan Buddhist Mantra Bracelet

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This wonderful Buddha Life™ Tibetan Buddhist Mantra Bracelet of great compassion will amaze you with the ELEGANCE OF THE SIGNS that have been magnificently engraved with the mantra "OM MANI PADME HUM"



The mantra registered on the bracelet is the mantra of wisdom and compassion. It comes from Sanskrit and is the most used and recited mantra by Buddhist monks. This mantra comes from the extension of "Om Ah Hum". It encourages us to orient ourselves on the path of wisdom as we move toward the realization of speech, the realization of the essence of oneself, and to show great compassion towards others. 

This mantra brings you joy and peaceful and harmonious vibrations and supposedly in this verse is the truth about the nature of life. Therefore, it is considered a powerful lucky charm.

This highly compassionate Buddha Life™ Tibetan Buddhist Mantra Bracelet will be ideal for bringing you blessings of good luck and purifying you of all negative karma.

By wearing this highly compassionate Buddha Life™ Tibetan Buddhist Mantra Bracelet, you will manifest the values ​​you are attached to and appreciated in others. You offer yourself your own spiritual guide who will support you on a day to day basis. In addition, due to its colors, your bracelet will combine perfectly with most of your clothing sets.

Wear it on your left wrist (heart side) to feel the energy of the bracelet. According to Buddhist belief, the left half of the body represents the receiving side.


😊  100% natural coconut shell (6X3mm)
😊  Tibetan Buddhist Hand Braided Cotton Thread
😊  Six True Words of Handmade Mantra Signs
😊  Wrist size from 15cm to 20cm