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    allSleep™ Sleep Mask Headphones

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    allSleep™ Sleep Mask Headphones

    The most comfortable sleep mask with built-in headphones

    Struggling to fall asleep?

    The allSleep™ Sleep Mask Headphones is scientifically proven to improve your sleep! With a 100% black out eye mask & noise cancelling headphones, sleep will never be the same.

    Block Out 100% Of Light & Noise: Blocking external light produces melatonin allowing you to drift asleep faster.

    Built-In Bluetooth Headphones: allSleep™ Sleep Mask Headphones has thin padded speakers. Comfortable enough for all of sleepers.

    Fall Asleep In Half The Time: Designed for instant relaxation anywhere. Effortlessly fall sleep with types maximum comfort.

    Relieve Insomnia & Stress: Listening to calming audio has been proven to relieve insomnia & improve sleep quality.

    Includes Sleep Mask Headphones, instruction manual & chargin cable. 100% machine washable. Compatible with any bluetooth device.

    Get enough sleep last night?

    SleepBand Pro is designed to provide the deepest possible sleep in any environment.

    Blocking light & listening to calming audio is the key to quality sleep.

    This ultra soft sleep mask has thin, padded bluetooth speakers built-in to enjoy your favorite sleep sounds or music with unmatched comnfort all night.

    Easily block out any annoyances like your loud snoring partner, tv/phones, neighbors, roommates and more.

    Wake up refreshed & ready for the day. Every day.

    How Will Sleepband Help you sleep?

    Listen to calming Sounds, Audiobooks & podtasts

    Listening to calming sleep sounds is proven to help you fall. asleep in half the time. Many of our customers listen to white noise, music, podcast, audio book & sleep stories nightly.

    Built with comfort & 100% Blackout For DeePER Sleep

    Darkness produces melatonin which allows you to fall asleep faster & sleep deeper. Deep sleep is what allows you to wake up feeling refreshed & energized for the day.

    Block Out Any sounds & disturbances

    The thin, padded headphones will drown out any annoyances like snoring, TV sounds, loud neighbors, roommates and more. You can finally regain your peace and quiet.

    🚨Protect your ears!🚨
    you only get two...

    Traditional earbuds & "pods" are proven to damage your ears after repeated use, especially if you use them to sleep at night.

    Not only are they extremely uncomfortable but they will cause painful inflammation around the cartilage of your ear that can cause a lifetime of pain, discomfort and even minor hearing loss.



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    allSleep™ Sleep Mask Headphones
    $34.99 $70.00


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