Luscious Pearl Ballerina Timepiece

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With smartphones replacing traditional clocks in the society we'd like to see a renaissance of the classic wall clock, an object not only beautiful but also highly distinguished. The Pearl Wall Clock breathes nostalgia and we've chosen a material combination that speaks to most human senses, something very important as a designer," says Norm's Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

The Pearl Wall Clock comes with an hour and minute hands in lacquered brass. The ballerina's legs represent the clock's hands and gracefully point to the time. The use of high-quality pearl glass allows for a maximum appreciation of its mosaic and complex structure. Decorative, uncomplicated, and made from natural honest materials, the Pearl Wall Clock is an elegant object that helps you keep up while looking back.

Make this Luxurious Clock the perfect gift for yourself, your ballet friends or even your dance teacher!