Genius™ Garden Gloves With Claws For Digging & Planting

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Garden Gloves With Claws For Digging & Planting

The Garden Gloves with Claw Design combines the effectiveness of a tool with the comfort of a glove, protecting your fingers while giving you added reach and leverage. The "claw" part is made of high quality material, durable enough for digging, raking, planting.


1. DIGGING - PLANTING - RAKING: These garden gloves with built in claws on one hand and plan gloves on the other allows you to DIG, PLANT and RAKE without any tools.

2. PROTECTS FINGERS: The puncture proof material allows complete protection to your fingers and fingernails while conducting various tough tasks in your garden.

3. FLEXIBLE - DURABLE: The latex material is flexible and fits most hands easily. The inside of the material is strong and rough which is durable for hard jobs in the garden.

4. NO NEED FOR HAND TOOLS: The built in Claws replaces the need to carry any hand tools for raking, digging or planting.

5. BREATHABLE MATERIAL: The back of the hand below the knuckle has a breathable stretchy material that allows your hands to remain fresh all the time.


- Material: ABS + latex gloves
- Weight: 100g
- Size: about 80*25mm/3.14*0.98''
- Color: Green


  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 8 Claws