Flying Bird Wave Couples Ring s925 Silver Blue Drop (adjustable)

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There was a huge wave at sea, and the crew were desperate. RenTai Benevolence took the ship's rudder resolutely and turned the big ship out of the waves. He was crowned with the name of the sea conqueror.

A word of the product:

The ring is based on the world-famous Ukiyo painting "Kanagawa Surf". The waves represent the twists and turns in life. Blue represents pure and subtle romance. Bird surfing symbolizes calm, firm and courageous.


The main body of the ring is made of S925 silver. The black, sky blue and sea blue tricolor technology is used to make the layered waves, creating a scene that the waves are higher than the waves.

The silver waves of the Men's Ring are carved out of hollowing, reflecting the wings of the birds on the Female Ring, showing the reluctant love of the seabirds even when the waves overturn.

✅ Product Name: prosperity and caution
✅ Material: S925 pure silver.
✅ Process: hollow drop dripping oil
✅ Weight: 3.5g/2.2g
✅ Size: us 5-9 resizable ring
✅ Style: mysterious romance


✅ 1 x Men Ring
✅ 1 x Women Ring