Cellulite Reducer Celluless Pro

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Anti-Cellulite Vacuum - Fat Sucker and Massage Therapy Device

Suck them all and be free!

Be free of cellulite with the original cellulite reducer Celluless Pro Fat Sucker and Massage Therapy DeviceThis device is a combination of efficient massage rollers and a gentle suction vacuum that is capable of melting away fats. It's the perfect cellulite treatment for your thighs, arms, stomach, buns, hips, and legs. No more hiding with those long pants and leggings. Look best and feel confident cellulite-free! With this amazing device, you can now achieve the looks and the flawless skin you always wanted. Comes with large and small roller cup for more delicate areas. This Anti-Cellulite Vacuum is the best and perfect device for cellulite treatment.


  • Reduce cellulite
  • Fat burning
  • Improve skin elasticity 
  • Improve skin appearance
  • Soothe emerging stretch marks
  • The use of infrared light activates cells to achieve the effect of exercise and fitness



    HOW TO USE: 

     1.  Lather up the body with our Stretch Mark Cream or any body lotion or oil.

     2.  Massage on your preferred spot of the body in a circular motion

          Note:  Do not use on dry skin


     On the thigh - Massage in a circular motion to stimulate the microcirculation on the surface

    One the belly - Massage in a clockwise direction making large circular movements moving up the waist.

    Posterior and hip - Massage each side of the skin in a circular movement

    On the arms - Massage your elbows, shoulders, and especially forearms.


    Charging Station x 1

    Power Cable x 1

    Suction cup with roller x 2

    User Manual  x 1