Cat Litter Scoop Cleaning Tools

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 Perfect for Cleaning Cat Litter: metal cat litter scoop perfect for cleaning various kinds of cat litter, big or small, soft or hard, and the mesh area is 10% larger for higher efficiency. The 2.3’’ deep scoop head is suitable to hold more cat litter steadily so that it is easier to handle kitten poop.

 Quickly and Efficiently Cleans Litter Box: metal cat litter scoop is the effectively way to clean your cat’ litter. The tidy and clean litter box will let your pet cat heathy and happiness.

 Non-stick for Easy Clean: kitty litter cleaning shovel has smooth surface with epoxy resin coating makes it corrosion resistant and ensures easy clean-up, simply wash the scooper in a utility sink or outdoors with a garden hose after each use.

 Hollow Design: the 2.3 inches deep shovel and whole hollow sand leak design, in cleaning cat litter, not only can prevent small clumps of dirty cat litter from leaking out but also can ensure that clean cat litter falls down.

Stainless Steel Scoop: the entire Litter sifter made of industrial grade stainless steel materials. It is anti-corrosion, anti-rust, also durable, long lasting and can handle urine of pets.