Car Interior Led Lights

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he Car Interior LED Lights are a set of four strips of LED lights that can be easily installed around your car. These lights are installed with an adhesive strip on the back for a hassle-free easy installation. They can be installed on the underside of your glove compartment or steering wheel, on the sides of your car, on the ceiling, or any other surface!T


✔ EASY TO INSTALL: The Car Interior LED Lights are very easy to install. They come with an adhesive sticker on the back so that you can install it easily with no damage to your car at all. To install, simply clean the place of installation thoroughly with some alcohol before sticking the lights firmly. With that, you are done!

✔ REMOTE-CONTROLLED: The Car Interior LED Lights come with remote control for the lights and a control box for the music. With these two devices, you can control the music and the lights from the comfort of your seat. There is no need to toggle with the lights themselves at all!

✔ ATTRACTIVE: The Car Interior LED Lights come in a multitude of colors that is sure to tickle anyone is fancies. The lights come in white, red, blue, green, lights blue, orange, yellow, pink, and purple.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Add a touch of your unique personality into your car with these Cart Interior LED Lights! Why settle for a boring, old car when you could have a flashy and bright car all for yourself, right?


Material: LED, ABS
LED Type: 5050 SMD


✔ 4 X Car Interior LED Lights
✔ 1 X Remote Control
✔ 1 X Cigarette Lighter Charging Cable
✔ 1 X Music Control Box