Bracelet for couple® I love you much more

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Bracelet for couple®

I love you much more

Surprise the love of your life with this beautiful and unique detail, because there is no better way to say everything you feel for that person than with a very special gift.
Beautiful couple bracelets made of crystal and stainless steel, tell how much you love your partner in a different way.
Couples bracelets in stainless steel and glass, products made by hand by artisans, an elegant style and design to give to the person you love.


- Bracelets for couples and / or lovers
- Made of stainless steel.
- Stones: Cubic Zirconia.
Includes bracelet for men and women.
- Woman bracelet message: "I love you more"
- Men's bracelet message: "I love you most"
- Detail of love.
- Ideal for special gifts.
- Occasions: anniversaries, dates and special gifts.
- Modern accessory for all occasions.