Stainless Steel Christian Lord's Prayer Bracelet

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🙏Carry the blessing of our Lord with you Always!🙏

The most beautiful prayer, always repeat it every morning

This beautiful adjustable bracelet contains the prayer of our Lord Father God, carries the prayer of our savior everywhere, and lets it pour out it's blessing on you. Made of the highest quality material you will love this whether you wear it or give it as a precious gift.


  • 🙏Blessing where you go
    Take our Lord's Prayer wherever you go, it is a beautiful way to always carry it with you.
  • 🎁The Perfect Gift
    It is the perfect gift for anyone who is having a good or bad time, our Lord is there for everyone.
  • 💤Protect Your Dreams
    You can use it all day but before sleeping put it next to you so that the Lord takes care of your dream.
  • 📦With Gift Box
    Receive it with a beautiful gift box so you can always have it as new.


  • Stainless Steel its super strong and lightweight making it the perfect metal for jewelry
  • Steel jewelry is extremely lightweight so you'll hardly know you're wearing it.
  • 100% hypoallergenic, meaning they won't irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions like other metals can.
  • Size Adjustable, allows you to easily adjust the size of your bracelet from the comfort of your home.